EUBIONET II – Workshop
Trading, legislation and biomass use

30 January 2006

Senter Novem, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Workshop topics

· Differences between bio-energy support policies in EU member states and it’s consequences
· Biomass definitions
· Competition for biomass among the transport, food and product sector
· The European Biomass action plan
· Sustainability of biomass chains (import from tropical regions, competition with reuse etc)

Minutes - Reporting the results


Introduction by the chairman 
Kees Kwant, SenterNovem

Introduction on the different support schemes for bioenergy in Europe with the case Germany
Jasper Faber, CE, the Netherlands

Experiences on the regional policies for bioenergy in Europe by North Sea Bioenergy
Geert Boesjes, Provincie Friesland, the Netherlands

German support policies for bioenergy
Sandra Pries, FNR, Germany

The UK support policies – their Implementation and Results
Jiri Klemes, the University of Manchester, UK

Discussion about consequences of policy differences and possible improvements


Biomass policies in Finland with emphasis on emission trading
Sirkka Vilkamo, Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry, Finland

European definitions for biomass
Eija Alakangas, VTT, EUBIONET II coordinator, Finland

Effects of waste policies (landfill bans, and other directives) on bioenergy in the Netherlands with emphasis on biowaste
Herman Huisman, SenterNovem, the Netherlands


Competition for woody biomass with the transport sector and other sectors
Bernard de Galembert, CEPI, Belgium

Effects of Gudrun storm to Sweden biofuel and raw material markets and international biomass trade
Bengt Hillring, SLU, Sweden

Woody biomass in Austria - competition between different users
Josef Rathbauer, BLT, Austria


Coffee Break

The European Biomass Action Plan
Gianluca Tondi, European Commission, Intelligent Energy Executive Agency (IEEA)  


Sustainability of biomass supply chains
Hans Jager, Dutch Foundation for Nature and the environment, the Netherlands

Discussion and concrete proposals for suggestions to the EU on member’s states for policy improvement which will be collected during the day and will be put forward for discussion

Conclusions and closing of the workshop