Trading, legislation and biomass use workshop

Organized by EUBIONET II together with IEA Task 40

19 - 20 February 2007
Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Workshop flyer

Summary of the study tour



Introduction by the chairman
Kees Kwant, SenterNovem


Rotterdam Bio-Hub
Pieter van Essen, the Port of Rotterdam

Pellets trade and pellets policies
Christian Rakos, Propellets 

CEN-standards for solid biofuels and feedback from market actors – EUBIONET study
Eija Alakangas, VTT

Waste to energy

Potential of energy from (biogenic) waste for GHG reduction and energy security by high efficiency waste treatment
Marcel van Berlo, Waste and Energy Company Amsterdam

Use of olive oil production residues
Ioannis Eleftheriadis, CRES 


The need for biomass sustainability certification
Jean-Philippe Denruyter, WWF Europe

Biomass sustainability certification in Belgium
Yves Ryckmans, Electrabel 

Dutch sustainability criteria for biomass developed by the Commission Cramer
Ella Lammers, Commission Cramer

An overview of sustainability certification systems for biomass
Martin Junginger, University of Utrecht


Trends in Dutch bioenergy policies
Erik Eijkelberg, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

Trends in Austrian bioenergy policies
Heinz Kopetz, Austrian Biomass Association